Saturday, August 8, 2009



1. the quality or power in an actual life experience or in literature, music, speech, or other forms of expression, of evoking a feeling of pity or compassion.

Pathos, is a Greek root, obviously dealing with emotion, or self-expression. I have a bit of an obsession with Pathos, being a self-proclaimed artist. The idea behind it all is that I believe self-expression is Art. Since everything is relative due to the existence of infinite perspectives, Art is the closest thing to truth for me. I try very much to never withhold how I feel from my art-form which as you have probably noticed by now, is writing.

Cutting to the chase! Anytime I write a blog that is self-expressive, or meant to provoke a certain emotion.. it will be labled, Pathos. It will be a shortcut to finding out how I feel about certain subjects around this blog

Friday, August 7, 2009

Where have you been?

Well it's tougher getting started than previously assumed..
(Starting a blog is a commitment)

But I'm really going to do it!
I'm going to start a few things..

  • Hip Hop/Music News
  • Politics
  • My Pathos, ethos, logos series of posts
  • Poetry
  • RSD (recommended song of the day)
Be on the look out for these things in the upcoming days.

But you side stepped the question.. where have you been?

To quote Wale.. "I been busy in the midst of being busy.."
Well not really. I am about to go back to part time school, which makes me happy..
Other than that I've been in the house pondering the mysteries of the universe. And that's the truth. I DO have a working car now, so things are definitely going to change. The only issue is that I my age does not reflect my maturity.. and I can't get into clubs with that big zero next to my two. That being said.. patience is a virtue. I am about to have this blog up and running.

And it WILL get popular, mark my verbs!

Poem 002-- Mulatto Sonata 3/28/08

The bastard child of nations ravaged last
no history no heritage surmount
unsure of cultures, ancient texts of past
America adopts the youth in doubt

In doubt of place deserving of his stay
assimilation seems to hold the key
the multitude of roots seem to have frayed
rebel against the social hierarchies

Trailblazes his own path through rubble maze
destruction of racial roles lie in wake
Slowly we rise above the opaque haze
and dignity-Africana re-take

We have no time but have realization
Build esteem just as we built this nation.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama Addresses Muslims

My Thoughts----------------------->

Poem 001-- Ill Fate// RSD

Ill fate
Ill fate, men
seemingly the spawn of Satan
raptured, recreated in my imagination
fate stayed nightly and gave me pillow conversation
powered by my innovation
the monster that was my creation
Everything I thought I did, for the sake of fate's pleasure
turned out it was mutual masterbation.

Which fear would you stand up to, if you had to face one?
Ill fate, fate's illness coughing in my face, son.


Recommended Song of the Day:
Brand New Jones-- Robin Thicke

We'll love again, We'll laugh again, and it's better off this way

Couple of things, people.

I'm still reeling, coming off a bad break up.
I'm still out of school, making money to go back.
Life's just all screwed up.

It's funny because I look back at my last post, which was darn near a year ago. Everything seemed like it was going for the better. It's funny how events take a turn for the worse when you least expect it.

The good news is, I'm on the road to recovery, and I think I actually am ready to start this blog. On a serious note.

My name is Calvin, and I have spent the last 20 years of live, believing that I was the most misunderstood person to ever crawl out of the womb.
My name is Calvin, and I used to do things I loved; like draw anime, dance, and write poetry.
My name is Calvin, and I went to college for one year and essentially dropped out due to no scholarship and low funds.

..My name is Calvin, and I refuse to feel sorry for myself any longer. It's time to start living life.

The only thing I can say I've been doing right from default, is being myself. With this blog, I will attempt to enlighten everyone else as to who I am, as a last ditch effort at trying to be understood.

My name is Calvin, and I have secret sources of inspiration.
I look around and see nothing but people who are doing for themselves, and moving forward. I feel like my life has been in slow motion since elementary school. Like I've just been floating by. I'm 20, and there is so much I haven't done. If not for my mother, I'd have gone insane a long time ago if I'm not already there.

But I have motivation now. Motivation to do for myself. I always thought that if I put others first, God would provide for me, being that I showed my brother love. I still believe in chivalry, but I think I need to start looking deep inside myself and doing some damage control. If I had to describe the inside of my mind, I'd have to say war-carnage. I have had so much disappointment thrown my way in the last few years, it's sickening. There's always someone worse off, but the point is, is that I'd fallen off the side of the rode.

Time to pick up the bike. Get back on. Start pedaling.

I'll solve this puzzle, problem by problem and be a better person for it in the end.
Everyone else is just a witness. I just need to be able to talk to myself, without thinking I'm crazy.