Friday, August 7, 2009

Where have you been?

Well it's tougher getting started than previously assumed..
(Starting a blog is a commitment)

But I'm really going to do it!
I'm going to start a few things..

  • Hip Hop/Music News
  • Politics
  • My Pathos, ethos, logos series of posts
  • Poetry
  • RSD (recommended song of the day)
Be on the look out for these things in the upcoming days.

But you side stepped the question.. where have you been?

To quote Wale.. "I been busy in the midst of being busy.."
Well not really. I am about to go back to part time school, which makes me happy..
Other than that I've been in the house pondering the mysteries of the universe. And that's the truth. I DO have a working car now, so things are definitely going to change. The only issue is that I my age does not reflect my maturity.. and I can't get into clubs with that big zero next to my two. That being said.. patience is a virtue. I am about to have this blog up and running.

And it WILL get popular, mark my verbs!

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